: : SVD 800 HD

SVD 800 HD
  • New UPC 2000 Line doubler (optional)
  • High definition lenses HD 145
  • All accepted HDTV standards (including 1080i & 720p)
  • Multiple aspect ratio
  • Rich input set: 2x Video, 2x S-Video, 2x RGB and Component Input
  • 15-72 Horizontal scan rate
  • 1050 peak white lumens
  • 2 outputs to control electric screens and masking systems
  • 2 remote controls
  • White or Black casing

Brightness and bandwidth for HDTV
R&D efforts in devising the SVD800 HD resulted in improvements that make this new CRT projector ready for the future of videoprojection. An amazing 1050 peak-white lumen brightness will boost the matchless quality of CRT video picture and, on the input side, the 72 KHz horizontal scan frequency allows visualisation of all accepted HDTV formats (including 1080i and 720p) and up to SXGA resolution (1280x1024 pixels). The 75 MHz bandwidth allows use of external line doublers, quadruplers or scalers. The SVD 800HD also supports multiple aspect ratios and two 12V outputs control motorised screens and masking systems for full home cinema automation.

Flexibility in input
The SVD800HD sports one of the richest input sets on the market: 2 CVBS, 2 S-VHS, 2 RGB, YCrCb. It accepts PAL, SECAM, NTSC 3,58 and 4,43 video standards, S-VHS and DVD with the standard component input board. Data is supported up to SXGA, for astounding big-screen web surfing or videogame playing.

Power and beauty
While the inside is the state-of-the-art in electronics for CRT-based projection, the style of the smooth-coloured casing is the sleek one, typical of SIM2 Home Theatre series. It has been revised to make room for the electronics at the basis of the SVD800HD increased performance.


CRTs 3 x selected 7" CRTs, liquid cooled, high brightness/resolution, impregnated cathode for longer life (average life: more than 10.000 hours)
Lenses HD 145, high definition fully colour-corrected by multilayer coating. Main lens quartz glass. Focal length 135 mm. F number f/1.03. Focus adjustments for the centre and borders. Optical resolution more than 10 lp/mm at 50% MTF
Brightness 1050 peak-white lumens
Picture size 60"-300" diagonal (factory preset 90"), 122-609cm screen width
Installation rear or front projection; either floor or ceiling mounted (ceiling bracket supplied)


Horizontal scan frequency 15-72 KHz autolock
Vertical scan frequency 45-150 Hz autolock
Bandwidth 75 MHz - 3dB
Resolution Video input more than 1000 TV lines, RGB input
Flyback time Horizontal: 2.4 µs typ; Vertical: 150 µs typ
Colour temperature 3200-6500-9300°K plus one user choice. White uniformity: better than 8% with ANSI method colour temperature
Colour system PAL, SECAM, NTSC 4.43, NTSC 3.58 automatically switched
HDTV compatibility 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i
Electronic Improvements DTI and CTI always active; noise reduction ON/OFF selection; sharpness control; comb filter ON/OFF selection; Luma-Chroma delay adjustment; hue adjustment for NTSC; 4/3, 16/9 and wide aspect ratio selectable by remote control
Memory manager all projector parameters can be saved, selected, copied and moved in up to 40 different labelled configurations
Picture Data Memo Contrast, brightness, colour saturation, hue and colour temperature can be saved on each memory bank
Test signals 8 internal test patterns (Crosshair, Cross hatch coarse and fine, Dots, H pattern, All white, Colour bars, White window)
Miscellaneous automatic daily switch on and off; global working time, tubes working time; built-in clock


RGB/YCrCb Input 5 x gold-plated BNCs (RGB, Sync.H/V+CVBS, Sync. V); YCrCb input via 3 gold-plated BNCs (Y/Y+sync, R-Y, B-Y, H-H/V Sync + CVBS, V sync)
VGA input D-sub 9 pin (input is compatible with most popular standards like: IBM VGA, Super VGA, XGA, etc.)
Video input CVBS 1 via gold-plated BNC connectors, CVBS 2 via gold-plated BNC connectors, S-VHS 1 via 4-pin mini DIN, S-VHS 2 via 4-pin mini DIN
Serial interface Via D-sub 15 pin (RS422 - RS232)
Video output 5 x gold-plated BNC (Y, R-Y, B-Y, Sync. H/V + CVBS, Sync. V) or S-VHS 4-pin mini DIN
Output voltage 12 Volt (10 mA max) on Pin jack when the projector is on + 12 Volt (10 mA max) on Pin jack when small format (16:9, etc. ) is selected


Supplied Cables AC power cords (EU, UK and USA), Remote control cable (8 m)
Remote controls Full Function Remote Control
Manuals Installation and user manual
Other Ceiling Mounting Kit, Lens Plastic Caps, Lens Spacers
Optional Up-converter: enhances the video quality by line doubling, field doubling for both progressive and interlaced signals


Input voltage 120 - 240 Vac, 48/62 Hz
Power consumption 500Watt
Dimensions (WxHxD) 620 x 340 x 700 mm
(24,4 x 13,3 x 70,0 inches)
Packaging Dimensions (WxHxD) 806 x 515 x 886 mm (31,7 x 20,2 x 34,8 inches)
Net weight 58,5 Kg (129 lbs)
Shipping weight 70 Kg (154 lbs)
Safety According to EN60950
Operative function conditions Operation temperature between 0°C and 35°C, relative humidity from 0 to 90% not condensed
in cm 16:9




User Manuals

Description: SVD 800 HD User Manual
SVD 800 HD User Manual
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