: : SDG 900 PLUS

  • New, improved 8" CRTs for greater image clarity
  • High Definition HD 8B lenses
  • Impressive brightness (1200 peak white lumens)
  • Ull HDTV standard compatibility
  • 15-105 KHz horizontal scan rate
  • Image resolution up to 1600x1400 pixels
  • Internal Up converter (optional)

The SDG 900 PLUS throws outstandingly contrasted images, high in contrast, brightness, sharpness and colour fidelity. With autoranging horizontal scan frequencies from 15 KHz to 105 KHz, the SDG 900 Plus range is compatible with virtually any source including video, HDTV, image enhancing devices (quadruplers, scalers, etc.) and high resolution computer graphics up to 1600x1400.

Input Modules
The SDG 900 Plus has been developed using the most advanced technology and is completely modular in design. A three input slots are available with RGB, VGA, Video and multistandard decoder and S-VHS (standards), while Y/R-Y/B-Y is an optional.

State-of-the-Art Technology
SMD technology, coupled with gold plated edge connectors, minimises cables, cross talk, video noise and electromagnetic emission.

Standard Accessories
The SDG 900 Plus Projector is easy to use and software controlled for convergence and set up. It is supplied with mounting brackets, a backlit remote control for simple set up and operation with on-screen menu and a compact remote for everyday use.

UP Converter
Enhanced Video Images

Picture quality can be further enhanced by an optional built-in Up Converter (real time line doubler). The higher scan frequency (progressive signal or line/field doubling) gives a better image and perfect motion tracking, reduces noise and improves sharpness. The Up Converter is controlled by remote control and uses IQTV technology. There are different conversion modes including 9-points median interpolation and Film mode which offers perfect motion tracking.


CRT 3 x 8" CRTs, liquid cooled, high brightness, high resolution; with impregnated cathode for long life (average life: more than 10,000 hours)
Lenses HD8B, high definition fully colour corrected by multilayer coating. Main lens quartz glass. Focal length 140 mm. F number f/1.1. Focus adjustments for the centre and borders. Optical resolution more than10 Ip/mm at 50% MTF
Brightness 1200 peak white lumens
Picture size 60"-300" diagonal, 182-609 cm screen width
Installation rear or front projection; either floor or ceiling mounted (ceiling bracket supplied)


Horizontal scan frequency 15-105 KHz autolock
Vertical scan frequency 38-150 KHz autolock
Bandwidth 75 MHz - 3 dB (RGB input)
Resolution RGB input:1600 x 1400 pixels
Flyback time Horizontal: 2.4 µs typ
Vertical 150 µs typ
Colour temperature 3200-6500-9300°K plus one user choice selected and adjusted by remote control. (6500°K factory preset). Automatic Cut-Off; automatic highlight adjustment
White uniformity better than 8% on the colour temperature ANSI method
Colour system PAL, SECAM, NTSC 4.43,NTSC 3.58 automatically switched
Test signals 8 internal test patterns.
Electronic Improvements D.T.I. and C.T.I. always active, noise reduction ON-OFF selection, sharpness control, comb filter ON-OFF selectrion, Luma-Chroma delay adjustment, NTSC: Hue adjustment, 4/3, 16/9 and wide aspect ratio.
Memory manager save, copy and move in 40 labelled configurations
Source information On Screen Display source information selected by remote Control
Miscellaneous automatic daily switch ON and OFF; tubes working times; built-in clock


RGB Input 5 x BNCs
VGA input via 15 pin D-sub (VGA, SVGA, XGA, etc.)
Video input via BNC
S-Video (Y/C) via 1 mini DIN 4-pin
Video output via BNC
Serial interface D-Sub 15-pin connector (RS 422 - RS 232 standard)

General Data

Input voltage 120 Vac 48/62 Hz; 220 - 240 Vac 48/62 Hz
Power consumption 500 Watt
Dimensions (WxHxD) 620 x 305 x 820 mm
Packaging Dimensions (WxHxD) 840 x 500 x 1030 mm
Net weight 55 Kg (121 Ibs)
Shipping weight 65 Kg (143 Ibs)
Safety in compliance with EN60950
Operative function conditions temperature between 0°C and 40°C, relative humidity from 0 to 90% not condensed


Optional Up-converter (built-in): for line doubling, field doubling for both progressive and interlaced signals.
YCrCb component input board
in cm 16:9