SIM2 News
9 July 2007

SIM2 Asia-Pacific Convention 2007

Le Royal Méridien hotel Shanghai, China, 18 July 2007

SIM2, the recognised world leader in High Definition, Digital Light Processing (DLP®) picture solutions, has released the date and programme details of its upcoming Asia-Pacific Convention 2007.

The event, which takes place on the 18th July at Le Royal Méridien hotel Shanghai, China, will see SIM2 outline its vision for the fast growing Far East market and senior SIM2 personnel will deliver keynote speeches. There will also be demonstrations of all the latest products from the company, such as the D10, HT380, HT3000E, C3XE and HT5000. Question and answer sessions will also take place for clarification and further explanation of the topics raised, and offer an ideal opportunity to talk about the many benefits of being a SIM2 business partner.

Those present will include, Mr Djalal Sepahi, sales director of the Middle-East and Far-East, who will give a general overview of the SIM2 organisation. He will also talk also about the policy of SIM2 in the Asia-Pacific Market.

Mr Scappaticci, SIM2’s head systems engineer, will be on hand to discuss the latest technical developments, such as Unishape™ lamp technology and BrilliantColor™, and how these have yet further improved SIM2¹s outstanding picture quality.

Presenting marketing policy and brand positioning will be Mr Antonio De Cicco, account manager professional systems. The conference will be wrapped up Mr. Chang, SIM2’s regional sales manager.

SIM2 sees the Far East region a crucial to future development and it is investing heavily in the area. SIM2¹s core brand values of quality, innovation, and Italian style are a perfect match for this emerging luxury market.

The convention comes to you courtesy of the sponsorship of our China area
SIM2 Home Theater distributor MST (Matchless Science & Technology Co., Ltd) and Kaisson for Large Display Solutions.

Should you or your colleagues need further information regarding the event, please contact the SIM2 Shanghai Office via telephone 86-21-62881991 or e-mail .