SIM2 News
6 December 2018

SIM2 NERO 4S test review on What HiFi magazine, Russia

We are pleased to inform you that Hi-Fi Magazine, Russia, has published a test review of the NERO 4S UHD HDR projector.

Here is the translation of some paragraphs:

"Any High-End product should be recognizable at a first glance, because style is one of the prominent components of this high status... In our opinion, this design impresses audience even more, and puts the company's product in a special position in the global market."

"Over the years, we've been getting to know the different models of SIM2 projectors, and in Nero 4S we've again found a familiar brand approach to image quality. Above all, this approach can be characterized by the maximum naturalness of colors."

"In the “Moto 7: The Movie” ...The resolution of tiny details is great; in the desert racing scenes, we can clearly see every stone on the surface, not only in the foreground, but also in the distant objects. The movement is conveyed flawlessly, which increases the degree of scenes reality shown on the screen."

"High brightness; natural colors; deep perspective and excellent details resolution in the background; excellent motion playback; low noise; luxurious look."