SIM2 News
30 September 2016

Sim2 Selected As Exclusive Projectors For Mongrel House At The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)

TORONTO. September 30th, 2016 - Evolution Home Entertainment Corp., SIM2's partner in Canada, has announced that SIM2 was chosen as the exclusive projector supplier at TIFF 2016’s hottest destination, Mongrel House .

Mongrel Media is Canada’s leading film distributor. For the last two years, the company has become known for its conversion of the Campbell House Museum into “Mongrel House”. Named as TIFF’s “hot spot” for Hollywood and Canadian “A-listers” by Fashion Magazine, blog.TO, and Post City Toronto, Mongrel House enjoyed a steady stream of stars and celebs such as Rachel McAdams, Sandra Oh, Kristen Stewart, Ellen Page, Adam Driver and Ethan Hawke to name a few.

With five SIM2 cinemas featuring 16 Mongrel Premieres , an arcade room, ping pong, three bars, a live music stage sponsored by Cineplex, a pub with live Celtic music performances, and a live karaoke band, Mongrel House was the ultimate house party for adults for seven nights running at TIFF 2016.

Amongst others, SIM2 showed off its $55,000 three chip DLP Lumis Plus on a 2.35 screen in a dedicated cinema room inside Mongrel House. Meanwhile, SIM2’s Nero 2 was featured in the largest bar tent outside, filling a Screen Innovations Zero Edge Black Diamond 16:9 110” screen provided courtesy of Toronto’s Update TV. The combination of SIM2’s colour saturation and dynamics with the Screen Innovations ambient light technology allowed cinema quality images despite light flooding in through a clear tent ceiling. On display in the live music tent’s bright ambient light conditions was a SIM2 Nero 3 LED DLP projector on a Screen Innovations Zero Edge Black Diamond 100” screen, courtesy of Toronto’s Brentview Electronics.

Saxe Brickenden, Evolution’s Director of Marketing commented, “It was great to put SIM2’s stunning performance in front of pro film production and post-production Academy Award winners, film aficionados, and potential clients for our dealer network. This reinforced SIM2’s reputation as Hollywood’s benchmark for stunning picture quality. We generated leads for dealers as far away as B.C.