SIM2 News
9 January 2015

New SIM2 partnership for laser projection

SIM2 partners with Shanxi OVLaserTec to co-develop pure-laser technology projector

Las Vegas, 7 January 2015 — SIM2 and Shanxi OV-LaserTec, two leading brands in the high end electronic industry, are pleased to announce the co-development of a breakthrough projector based on the award-winning SIM2’s ALPHAPATH™ platform and OV-LaserTec pure-laser despeckle technology.

“We are delighted to be cooperating with OV-LaserTec, who shares the same strategic vision for quality and innovation as we have”, says Maurizio Cini, SIM2’s CEO. “We have combined our research and engineering resources to create another first in projection applications, hence delivering a richer and brighter image that will redefine the video experience.”

Based on SIM2’s ALPHAPATH™Light Engine and 3-chip DLP® technology, OVLaserTec’s RGB-laser light valve and patented speckle reduction solutions, this state-of-the-art projector solution will deliver up to 12000 ANSI lumens, expanded color gamut, and lower cost of operation. “By cooperating with SIM2, which has always been distinguished by the market for their superior products, we have teamed up with a strong R&D force with comprehensive competence”, says Wenhong Gao, the CEO of OVlaserTec. “Our creative engineering team has developed the true RGB laser projectors, bringing the audience the best technology for an experience beyond the current cinema picture quality.”

OV-LaserTec has developed the high efficiency pure RGB laser light illumination engine with speckle reduction technology. The first speckle, the speckled speckle and the color speckle are eliminated on the screen, with no optical power loss by applying OV-LaserTec’s despeckle solutions. A dust-free structure and an accurate cooling system provide high reliability, stable and safe performance.

The re-engineered version of SIM2’s ALPHAPATH™ Light engine, coupled with OV-laserTec’s technology and SIM2’s calibration software offer superb color depth, excellent contrast ratio, and a smoother, natural and fatigue-free viewing experience, also in 3D mode.

The companies expect to deliver the joint solution to the market in the late summer 2015.