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17 November 2009

Electronic House Magazine Reviews C3X LUMIS HOST

Rave Review for SIM2’s Modular High-End Projector

Miramar, FL—November 17, 2009 — highly respected consumer electronics magazine Electronic House recently reviewed SIM2’s Grand Cinema C3X LUMIS HOST projector for its July/August edition. The reviewer was very complimentary about the product, describing it as: “…just the ticket for years of viewing splendor.”

In relating the modular design advantages of the projector, reviewer Dennis Barker wrote: “If you’re a home theater aficionado looking for larger-than-life visual experiences, the latest technology and a flexible setup, take a look at SIM2’s new modular projector system.” adding:”The Grand Cinema C3X Lumis HOST pairs a reference-quality 3-chip DLP projector with a discrete outboard control module/video processor to provide some of the finest blacks and color you will see anywhere…”

SIM2’s enhanced DynamicBlack technology contributes enormously to the picture quality of C3X LUMIS HOST, something that wasn’t missed by Dennis in his assessment: “The C3X’s precision-matched light intensity adjustment resulted in significantly better blacks and shadow detail. This added a new sense of realism to images, noticeably in the dark scenes from The Dark Knight and Independence Day. Images from satellite and Blu-ray Disc sources showed superb clarity and definition.” and: ”Two films on Blu-ray, Speed Racer and Disney’s newly restored Sleeping Beauty, threw us colors that were so rich and vibrant that they seemed to leap off the screen. In Across the Universe, the colors were very natural and realistic. And films like South Pacific and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor have color palettes all their own, which the C3X rendered beautifully.”

“Anyone that has seen our C3X LUMIS HOST projector in action knows that it is a truly remarkable product” says Mark Franks Marketing Manager for SIM2 USA, continuing: “Dennis Barker has perfectly encapsulated this experience in writing for those that haven’t yet had the chance to see it for themselves.”

Grand Cinema C3X LUMIS HOST is a high-end compact 3-chip DLP®-based home theater projector. The specification list is impressive: ALPHAPATH™ light engine with precision glass optics, 3000 lumens, 35,000:1 contrast ratio, Live Colors Calibration™, 10-bit video processing, DynamicBlack™, compact cabinet design and more.

It takes a modular theme for its design, which divides the projector into its two constituent parts: the projector and the processing electronics (HOST module). SIM2’s HOST (High-definition Optical Signal Transfer) concept uses a high integrity fiber-optic connection between the two units. This connection is high bandwidth, lossless and impervious to interference, even over very long distances.

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