CRT Projectors: Teatro CRT: SVP400 PLUS

  • Built-in line doubler
  • 15-32 KHz horizontal scan rate
  • 5 different inputs
  • DVD ready with component input
  • 2 output power supply to control motorised screens
  • Elegant cabinet design with rear cover to hide cables

The SVP400 PLUS projector has been developed specificaly for home theatre applications. It offers the ultimate in high quality large screen viewing; an experience of image quality only available from CRT technology.

The renowned Italian designer Revoldini created this product with the consumer in mind, being sleek and elegant, it minimises its presence and maximises its appeal.

Featuring the latest in electronic innovation, the SVP400 PLUS projector is fully modular in design and equipped with the latest SIM2's Up Converter (UPC 2000 – more than just a line doubler). By using gold-plated edge connectors to the main board, the UPC 2000 provides superior PAL/SECAM/NTSC signals by doubling the lines or doubling the field (100Hz), hence reducing noise and improving sharpness, stability and image quality.

The projector uses the high brightness/high resolution CRTs to display a superior quality image, a DTI digital circuit to increase colour resolution, and a COMB filter to reduce cross colour / cross luminance. It is also equipped with a noise reduction system, a specific circuitry to enhance the dynamic focus, hue control (for NTSC) and sharpness control. Convergence and set up are controlled by remote and all of the projector parameters: set up configuration, image aspect ratios including 4/3, 16/9 anamorphic or widescreen and scan frequencies can be selected, copied, moved and saved in up to 25 different memory banks.

By scanning 15-16 KHz and 30-32 KHz it wil also display computer images of VGA resolution.
Offering up to 5 separate inputs (including 2 S-Video, RGB and Component Input for DVD players) all switchable by remote control handset. In addition, two 12 Volt supplies are provided - one active when the projector is switched on (to activate an electric screen for example), the second active when 16/9 or wide image format is selected (to activate a screen mat system).

None available

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