Tradeshows & Events

  • Nov 28 2014 - Nov 30 2014
    Guangzhou Dongfang Hotel, PRC
    120 Liu Hua Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
    Founded in 1993, Guangzhou AV Fair is the biggest annual AV show in China.</br> The 2014 edition will be held at luxury Guangzhou Dongfang Hotel.</br></br> <strong>The perfect opportunity for AV & HiFi fans, all dealers and in-house medias to meet SIM2 Multimedia, showing new high-end products.</strong></br></br> You can find us at Guangzhou Dongfang Hotel</br> (120 Liuhua Road, Guangzhou)</br></br> OPENING TIME: from 9:00 to 17:00</br></br> <strong>Booth 1</strong>: Nan Guo Ballroom, 8F, Building 2 --- the star will be the <strong>Crystal Cube</strong></br></br> <strong>Booth 2</strong>: Meeting room 1, 1F, Building 2 --- the star will be the <strong>new Superlumis</strong></br></br></br> Don't miss out!